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S.No. Title Updated date
121 Seamless tubes pipes and hollow profiles of iron alloy or non_alloy steel other than cast iron 19/01/2018
122 Seamless Grade Alloy & Non-Alloy Steel Billets, Bars and Rounds from Russia, China PR and Ukrai... 19/01/2018
123 Rubber Chemicals, namely, TDQ & PX-13 originating in or exported from the European Union and MOR and MBTS originating in or exported from the Peoples Republic of China. 19/01/2018
124 Rubber Chemicals viz. MBT CBS TDQ PVI and TMT imports from China and PX 13 6PPD from China and Korea RP. 19/01/2018
125 Rubber Chemicals MOR PX13 and TDQ originating in or exported from China PR, Chinese Taipei, EU and USA. 19/01/2018
126 Resin or other organic substances bonded wood or ligneous fibre boards of thickness below 6mm. 19/01/2018
127 Red Phosphorous originating in or exported from China PR 19/01/2018
128 PVC Paste Resin from Korea RP Saudi Arabia and European Union 19/01/2018
129 Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA) from Japan, Malaysia, Spain and Chinese Taipei 19/01/2018
130 Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA) from Indonesia, Korea RP and Thailand 19/01/2018
131 Propylene Glycol from USA Singapore KoreaRP and European Union 19/01/2018
132 Presensitised Positive Offset Aluminum plates originating in or exported from China PR Bulgaria... 19/01/2018
133 Potassium Carbonate from European Union EU China PR Korea RP and Taiwan 19/01/2018
134 Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Suspension Grade Resin from European Union and Mexico 19/01/2018
135 Phosphoric Acid from China PR 19/01/2018