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Trade Notice
S.No. Trade Notice No. Details Date
31 Trade Notice 2/2009– Procedure for making application for anti-dumping investigations Download (12.23 KB) pdf 03/11/2009
32 Trade Notice 1/2009– Requirements while submitting confidential information in anti-dumping investigation Download (15.29 KB) pdf 25/03/2009
33 Trade Notice 1/2008-Procedure to be followed by DGAD for initiating SSR Download (11.19 KB) pdf 10/03/2008
34 Trade Notice 1/2007-Procedural requirements while making written submissions subsequent to Public Hearing and while filing rejoinders thereto Download (13 KB) pdf 22/10/2007
35 Trade Notice 2/2004-Requirements to be followed while making applications for anti-dumping investigations Download (14.56 KB) pdf 12/05/2004
36 Trade Notice 1/2004-Clarification regarding Initiation of Mid-term Reviews in terms of Rule 23 of Anti-dumping Rules. Download (13.73 KB) pdf 15/03/2004
37 Trade Notice 2/2000-Requirements to be followed while submitting information that has to be treated as confidential Download (13.31 KB) pdf 28/08/2000