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Trade Notice/OMs

Launching of ARTIS - Online filing of Anti-Dumping Applications
S.No. Trade Notice No. Details Date
16 Trade Notice 06/2018- Streamlining of the Anti Dumping Investigations Process - Anti-Dumping Questionnaire Format for Un-related Importer in India Download (2.35 MB) pdf 28/02/2018
17 Trade Notice 02/2018-Streamlining of the Anti Dumping Investigations Process-New information/Revision in existing formats of domestic industry's petition to avoid delays. Download (3.37 MB) pdf 01/02/2018
18 Trade Notice 03/2018- CHECK LIST FOR ACCEPTANCE OF ANTI-DUMPING APPLICATION Download (1.92 MB) pdf 01/02/2018
19 Trade Notice 01/2018-Non -confidential transaction wise data in Anti-dumping investigation wise Download (442.16 KB) pdf 02/01/2018
20 Trade Notice 02/2017-Guidelines and procedures for filing application for SSR Download (2.15 MB) pdf 12/12/2017
21 Trade Notice 01/2017-Non -confidential transaction wise data in Anti-dumping investigation wise Download (748.34 KB) pdf 08/12/2017
22 Email communications from/to official Email Id of DGAD/DGTR Download (639.19 KB) pdf 22/11/2016
23 Minutes of the meeting held on 29.12.2015 (Reference Trade Notice No 1/2015)-Principles for determination of NIP in Annexure-III Download (76.45 KB) pdf 29/12/2015
24 Trade Notice 2/2015-Authenticity of supporting documents/information receiving during the processing of anti-dumping case Download (1.51 MB) pdf 03/08/2015
25 Trade Notice 1/2015-Representation received from some of the domestic producers on the Antidumping Rules on determination of Non-injurious Price (NIP) Download (123.15 KB) pdf 02/03/2015
26 Trade Notice 1/2013-– Requirements for submission of Confidential/Non-confidential information by stakeholders Download (746.57 KB) pdf 09/12/2013
27 Trade Notice 4/2012-Presentation of documents to all participants in public hearing Download (11.18 KB) pdf 23/05/2012
28 Trade Notice 3/2012-Presentation of documents to all participants in public hearing through e-mail also Download (11.3 KB) pdf 02/04/2012
29 Trade Notice 2/2012-Submission of Soft copy of CV and NCV along with the Hard copy of Petition Download (11.11 KB) pdf 30/03/2012
30 Trade Notice 1/2012-Timelines for submission of data/information during the course of investigation Download (28.93 KB) pdf 09/01/2012