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Guidelines and Procedure for filing applications for Sunset Review of Countervailing Duty Measures
S.No. Trade Notice No. Details Date
1 Guidelines and Procedure for filing applications for Sunset Review of Countervailing Duty Measures Download (923.65 KB) pdf 24/07/2020
2 Extension of Trade Notice no. 01/2020 dated 10.04.2020 Download (242.51 KB) pdf 09/07/2020
3 Revised Timelines for Sunset Review Investigation for Anti-dumping Duty Download (1.29 MB) pdf 20/04/2020
4 Temporary changes in the Trade Remedy Investigation processes due to COVID-19 pandemic Download (732.54 KB) pdf 10/04/2020
5 Launching of ARTIS - Online filing of Anti-Dumping Applications Download (911.11 KB) pdf 30/09/2019
6 Help Desk & Facilitation Centre Download (1.8 MB) pdf 23/09/2019
7 OM- Methodology regarding various forms of ADD/CVD Download (1.6 MB) pdf 18/06/2019
8 Trade notice 01/2019: Streamlining of the procedure for New Shipper Review ('NSR') Investigations. Download (473.3 KB) pdf 29/01/2019
9 Trade Notice No. 15/2018, Streamlining of anti-dumping investigation process - Prima Facie scruitny of application for completeness of documents as per the checklist, regarding. Download (750.33 KB) pdf 22/11/2018
10 Streamlining of anti-dumping investigation-additional clarification regrading discloser of information of confidential version/non confidential version of response filed by the supporting producers Download (1.48 MB) pdf 01/10/2018
11 Requirements for companies expressing support for any anti-dumping duty/countervailing duty petition/application Download (1.73 MB) pdf 27/09/2018
12 Trade Notice-12.2018.Streamlining request for change in name of producer(s) / exporters in AntiDumping and Countervailing Duty investigations Download (1.12 MB) pdf 17/09/2018
13 Trade Notice No. 11/2018, Streamlining of Investigation Process- Registration of Interested Parties Regarding Download (2.32 MB) pdf 10/09/2018
14 Trade Notice No. 10/2018, On Confidentiality Download (4.26 MB) pdf 07/09/2018
15 Trade Notice: 9/2018,Streamlining of the Anti Dumping Investigations Process - Clarification regarding related parties in case of questionnaire for Anti-Dumping investigations for Producer/Exporter/Related Importer. Download (879.07 KB) pdf 10/05/2018