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Current case wise and Officer wise allocation

Current case wise and Officer wise allocation
S.No. Case Type Stage Product Countries Involved Investigating Officer Costing Officer
31 SSR Initiated Cellophane Transparent Film China PR Anil Choudhary Saibal Sarkar
32 SSR Initiated Phosphoric Acid of All Grades Israel & Chines Taipei. Anil Choudhary Saibal Sarkar
33 SSR Initiated Synthetic Nylon Filament Yarn( Nylon Filament Yarn) China PR, Chiese Taipei, Malayisia, Thailand and Korea RP. M Thakur Manish Goswami
34 Fresh Initiated Caustic Soda Japan and Qatar Shubhra N I Chowdhury
35 Fresh Initiated Tableware, Kitchenware, Stoneware, serving ware, Crockery and other households. China PR. Shubhra Manish Goswami
36 Fresh Initiated Sulphonated Naphthalene China PR. Sukhbir Singh Manish Goswami
37 Fresh Initiated Resorcinol China PR. Shubhra Devanshi Agarwal
38 Fresh Initiated Toulene Di Isocyanate (TDI) China PR. , Japan & Korea. Anil Choudhary N I Chowdhury
39 Fresh Initiated Ofloxacin China PR. Shubhra N I Chowdhury
40 Fresh Initiated O-Acids China PR. Shubhra N I Chowdhury
41 Fresh Initiated Poly Butadiene Rubber (PBR) Russia, Iran, Korea RP, South Africa & Singapore. Anil Choudhary A.K Pal
42 Fresh Initiated Naphthalene Crude and Refined China PR. ,Russia ,EU, Iran,Ukraine, Japan and Chines Taipei. Rajiv Arora Manish Goswami
43 Fresh Initiated Bus and Truck Radial Tyre China PR M Thakur G Pradhan