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Current case wise and Officer wise allocation

Current case wise and Officer wise allocation
S.No. Case Type Stage Product Countries Involved Investigating Officer Costing Officer
16 SSR Initiated Digital Offset Printing Plates China PR & Japan Sukhbir Singh A.K Pal
17 Fresh Initiated Ceramic Rollers China PR. Agneshwar Sen Saibal Sarkar
18 Fresh Initiated Phosphorus Pentaoxide China PR. Agneshwar Sen Saibal Sarkar
19 Fresh Initiated Glassware China PR & Indonesia Agneshwar Sen N I Chowdhury
20 Fresh Initiated Monoisopropylamine (MIPA) China PR. Dona Ghosh Saibal Sarkar
21 SSR Initiated Gypsum Plaster Boards China PR, Indonesia, Thailand and UAE Dona Ghosh Saibal Sarkar
22 SSR Initiated Viscose Filament Yarn China PR & Ukraine. Dona Ghosh A.K Pal
23 Fresh Initiated Playing Cards China PR. Dona Ghosh Manish Goswami
24 Fresh Initiated Fishing Net Bangladesh and China PR Dona Ghosh Saibal Sarkar
25 Fresh Initiated Saturated Fatty Alcohols Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Rita Mahna N I Chowdhury
26 SSR Initiated Partially Oriented Yarn POY China PR. Rita Mahna Manish Goswami
27 Fresh Initiated Methyl Ethyl ketone or MEK. China PR. ,Japan , South Africa & Taiwan M Thakur Manish Goswami
28 Fresh Initiated Acrylic Fibre Republic China,Belarus, Ukraine,EU and Peru M Thakur Manish Goswami
29 Fresh Initiated Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) Chinese Taipei and Korea RP Anil Choudhary A.K Pal
30 SSR Initiated Geogrid Geostrips Geostraps made of Polyester or Glass Fiber China PR. Anil Choudhary Saibal Sarkar